Addition and Subtraction

We are officially in review mode to start preparing for our state tests. This means that we are spiraling everything we have learned in math, while still introducing the rest of the material of course, in every way that we can. Here are six of my favorites!

1. Act It Out

 My students find it challenging to identify when they are supposed to add, and when they should subtract, so we act it out. The more cheesy and over the top the better!

2. StudyJams!

 Our class loves StudyJams! We are each individually completing this Addition and Subtraction of Decimals this week.

3. Bring on the Literature!

My favorite book to use with this unit is Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst. Throughout the story Alexander is given and then spends money. As I read I have students work through how much money he has on whiteboards. 

4. Give it a Shout Out! 

I am all about chants that get stuck in your head, because I would be willing to bet that if it is stuck in my head, it is stuck in my students' heads too! We say this little chant as a call and response where I say, "Rule 1," and they respond with, "Line 'em up!" and so forth. We love to say them in a variety of voices to really get it stuck in there! You can click on the image below to download your own copy. 

5. Interactive Number Line

We have this baby taped to our floor and use it often, especially when working with decimals. I like to hold my small group in a little circle around it. We place sticky notes in order to denote the scale of the line based on the problem we are solving. 

6. Big Ten: Addition and Subtraction

I love using these in our room as stations, in small group, as quick knowledge checks, or any other thing I think of on a whim. They contain ten different ways of practicing the same standard, and give you a good idea of any gaps that students may have.

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