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Glad to see you back for the next edition of Spy my Spiral, or notebook... urr it's a working title. This entry is all about the Regions of Texas. If  you would like to check out the previous entries on setting up your notebook and maps click on through the words.
A blog post full of notebook pictures, recommended read alouds, ideas, and tips for teaching the unit.
Regions of Texas are always fun, but they are even more fun when your students have actually traveled to the different regions, which usually at lease one student has been to each region outside of our own. Our TEKS ask us to describe each of the regions in addition to compare them to the regions of the United States.
So, that's where we start is with the regions of the United Stated with this freebie. We describe each of the regions, locate it on a map, and name each of the states found in that region. If you are looking for a literature connection to the regions of the United States then the Travels with Charlie books are great!
From there, I split my students up into four groups and have them each research a region using these handy flip fold-ups. Once we have a group that is an expert on each region they present the information to the class including geographic location, landforms, major cities, vegetation, and local animals.

As each group presents we compile the information into this fold-up and color in the region. If any students have visited the region then they have a chance to share about what they did there.
After we have completed both fold-ups each student chooses a Texas region to compare to its geographic counterpart in the United States. This is usually done through a quick write in our INBs and then shared out as a class. I love to hear what they choose and how they compare and contrast the regions!

Of course, if you would like even more practice and activities for Regions of Texas, check out this bundle of activities complete with PowerPoint, Matching Puzzles, the above fold-ups, and task cards.
A blog post full of notebook pictures, recommended read alouds, ideas, and tips for teaching the unit.

Books to Support the Unit:

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